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To live a good life, we must first understand our bodies and how they work. But there are still some parts of our bodies that people don’t fully understand. Another one is the difference between regular blood and blood from your period. My goal with this blog is to shed light on this topic by busting myths and making things clear.

The Composition of Blood

Normal Blood

Our circulatory system is filled with blood, a vital fluid composed of red blood cells, white blood cells, platelets, and plasma. Each component plays a crucial role, from transporting oxygen (red blood cells) to fighting infections (white blood cells) and clotting (platelets).

Period Blood

Period blood, on the other hand, is a mix of blood, uterine lining, mucus, and tissue. It’s the body’s natural way of shedding the old lining of the uterus in preparation for a potential pregnancy.

Color and Consistency

Normal Blood

When you get a cut, the blood that oozes out is typically bright red, indicating its rich oxygen content. It has a liquid consistency that can clot upon exposure to air.

Period Blood

Menstrual blood can vary in color from bright red to dark brown. This spectrum is influenced by factors like flow rate and how long the blood has been in the uterus. The consistency can also differ, ranging from thin to thick and sometimes even clotty, especially during heavy flow days.

Odor Differences

Normal Blood

Normal blood has a faint, almost metallic odor due to its iron content.

 Period Blood

Period blood can have a more distinctive odor, resulting from the combination of blood, bacteria, and pH levels in the vagina. It’s essential to understand that this odor is natural and not a sign of uncleanliness.

Societal Perspectives and Myths

 Normal Blood

Throughout history, blood has been viewed as a symbol of life and vitality. However, there are myths, like the misconception that our blood is blue inside our veins and only turns red upon exposure to oxygen.

Period Blood

Many societies have negative views about menstruation, which is sad. Women are thought to be “unclean” when they have their periods, and some people think they shouldn’t do certain things. Let’s bust these myths about menstruation and see it as a normal, healthy process.



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